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Reflections by Dr. James Howell

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Hope is Now: Like a Child Quieted

May 10, 2021

   Mothers Day. I like to ponder the lovely fact that Mary taught Jesus the Psalms from memory. She prayed them with him daily. She saw and heard his trembling voice in agony praying Psalms from the cross. A few of the Psalms touch on mothers and their children. Psalm 139 hearkens back to when…


Hope is Now: The King of Glory Enters

May 6, 2021

   Psalm 24, when it was explained to me in seminary, opened my eyes to what a Psalm might be, and what Scripture is about. Throngs of Israelites made long, arduous pilgrimages to Jerusalem for the high, holy festivals. When the time came for worship, crowds assembled outside the temple, pulsating with anticipation, the mood…


Hope is Now: Secret History

April 28, 2021

   For centuries, the Church has lifted up for us the seven “penitential psalms,” one of which is Psalm 32 (with 6, 38, 51, 102, 130, 143 being the other 6). This expression of repentance begins, not with the confession of sin itself, but with its resolution, its destination: “Blessed is he whose sin is…



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