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The Beauty of Pentecost: Minority Report

June 22, 2020

High drama in Numbers, chapters 13 and 14. After an arduous journey through the Sinai desert, the Israelites, having been slaves in Egypt just weeks earlier, arrive at the brink of the Promised Land. Moses sends a dozen spies – which sounds a little bit sneaky and exotic. The word latur means something like explorers,…


The Beauty of Pentecost – Census

We’re in a census year here in the United States. The Bible is pretty interesting when it comes to censuses. Jesus wound up being born in Bethlehem, instead of where his parents actually lived, Nazareth, because of a census mandated by Caesar Augustus. There’s some subtle irony in this. Caesar was seeking tax proceeds, and…


The Beauty of Pentecost: Angels Unawares

June 15, 2020

Yesterday’s sermon reflected on the dramatic story in Genesis 18. Three strangers show up one day at Abraham’s home, picturesquely described as “by the oaks of Mamre.” I picture those travelers, weary from heat and dust, eager for some shade and food. Abraham, the patron saint of hospitality, welcomes them. Sarah gets busy in the…



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